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Chou Kougekigata Oikawa
Oikawa Tooru's Secret

High Quickly!
Starting order (part3), What if the Captains got Exchanged


Hi, I'm Keii and I type like an idiot. Sometimes I draw.


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I know nothing about this game but I’m so excited for it to come out!! I even preordered!!

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Anonymous asked:
Hello there~ I really like your new theme (although it took me a while to find the ask button because I'm stupid and new to tumblr haha...) Anyway, I really like it! I also want to thank you for doing all the translations! I can't wait to buy the hq + kareshi once cd japan offers them again. So yeah, you made that little kokoro of mine really happy. ^^ Have a nice day!

Thank you!!  It’s so hard to find a good theme with all the custom links I need and stuff these days, yikes.

No problem, mate.  Thanks for planning to buy the book!  CD Japan usually restocks in about two weeks so I’m guessing they’ll have more around October.  If not, there are alternative places to buy from in my Cat Royalty Works tag.  I should add that post somewhere on the masterlist when I finish that.


Uniforms of Fukurodani Academy in haikyu 123!!!!!!

my friends who love Fukurodani got crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy LOLLLLLL

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Bring peace to the land, slay Oikawa.

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New theme done!!

Currently working on a master list for the Kareshi book plus other stuff.  Anyways, sorry about that if anyone was trying to peruse said stories or something.  You may continue reading about boyfriends with my new Fukurodani/Bokuto theme heheh.

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who are you and why do I already love you

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